Feb 28, 2011

Another wedding progress

Assalamualaikum =)
setelah meninggalkan blog for a few days, now I am back. hehehe. Harini saya da confirmkan my Official Photographer (OP) for my wedding day. Haiss. Quiet confusing la nak pilih kan. Tapi last-last saya berkenan dengan 10bucksphotography. yeay me! Harga nak cakap mahal tak de mahal sangat saya rasa. Affordable la untuk orang nak cut budget but at the same time I look for a creative person to capture my big day.

There's a few picture from 10bucksphotography that I mostly lovee it!

ini tuan da comei. gambo mesti comei. confirm

The outdoor is super awesome too!

andddd my favorite one

So, if you like to view all of the photo, simply like FACEBOOK page =)

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