Jan 11, 2011

Meet my new Girlfriend! =))

Hi peeps! Semua orang kecoh nak update pasal AJL25. argh. Whateva I dont really give a damn. Cewah padahal frust Yuna tak menang. Hahahah. oke oke. Berbalik kepada cerita asal. I got a niece!!! She is super adorable baby girl. cant wait to see her this weekends. yey me! Im gonna be a bbysitter like always. =) (yes. im kind of bby person)

Even I can't meet her infront of my eyes though, Hey! we have technology orait. So, there you go!


Meet Wan Nurzara Rania

Shes cute! putih tu sudah tentu. ikut auntie Mimi die. lol. Love you bby! wait for me aaa. I brought you a presenttttt ^__^

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