Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank God

Bersyukurrrr. Alhamdulillah :))) my ayah tersayang decided to pick 11 February as our Majlis cukur jambul for little cute Rania. then I check the flight ticket and it just rm18! but when i set the date, it was just rm9!! wow. Terus beli harini. So february, there is so many things to settle down. Tempah pelamin, pilih baju dan buat kad kahwen. yawww. Still dont know which color im gonna pick. Arghh >.<"

my sister's pelamin. Theme color: grey+pink.


sweetlavender86 said...

gile murah.mak abg nas dpt tiket rm1.hehe.die beli last year nak dtg kl end of dis feb.

Cik Puan Mimi said...

aah.ade gak time rm1 tu.
tp time tu mimi blur2 nk beli camne.hahaha